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The other week I went to 2015’s first D&AD President Lecture by Yuya Furukawa on a whim and, as always, left feeling so inspired and motivated. After posting my thoughts about the talk I was really excited to be invited by D&AD to the next lecture: Ben Tricklebank. On Wednesday I headed to Shoreditch Town Hall after work – a beautiful building, it was jam packed with people eagerly waiting for Ben’s talk. Ben is a,...


Also at The Old Truman Brewery this weekend, an Art Fair for the future: Kinetica Art Fair. Again, I attended the PV on Thursday night and then popped back with Jack on Saturday to see more/take more photos. It looked interesting from outside and inside, it certainly was: There was a lot of weird and wonderful things to see using lights, mirrors, illusions, magnets, moving parts and motion sensors. I found ‘Espaces chromatiques Rectangles en...


Happy Birthday Borough Market – you look pretty good considering you’re 1000 years old! As Jack & I work in the London Bridge/Borough area, we wanted to join in with the celebrations: Footsteps in time is an interactive experience that visitors to the market could take part in and create a living artwork in 9 hours of trading on Saturday 20th September 2014. Visitors could make their mark in history by walking through the eco-friendly...

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I absolutely love Google Chrome’s new adverts! They are fun, creative, imaginative and quirky – check out the video below to see a KNITTED webpage! It’s weird but so nice to see such modern technology being portrayed by such simple means… They kind of remind me of Maya Rota Klein’s Adobe Photoshop Cook….. pure genius! Awwwwww the pointer is so CUUUUUTE! Nice work Google 🙂

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