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… this! You may remember a little while back (a month today actually!) I was doing some weird things with my room – emptying it, inviting people over, doing the conga etc. It was all good fun, but what was it actually for? As the penultimate brief of our degree ( cry), Philippa gave us an open brief with a starting point. Franz Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’, which is the story of a hard working travelling salesman...


So 4 days and 1105 photos later, my room is empty. It’s a drastic change from before, but I haven’t really missed my stuff that much. It kinda feels good to have space to breathe, even though it’s a bit eerie at night! The next thing to do? What can I do in my empty room now all of my clutter is gone? Invite people round to do fun stuff… Thanks to everyone who has...


So I’m working on a new brief now – an open brief (queue dramatic music)!  Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis is an interesting tale where Gregor, a hardworking travelling salesman, wakes up as a giant bug! The story is full of themes and underlying meanings, and we have been tasked with using the text and/or what it symbolises to create something. I get the feeling I’m being watched… …and I’ll explain more soon!

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