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Exactly one year ago today I shared my Goody Goody Gift Swap experience – well it’s that time again! After a successful gift swap in 2014, I was excited to take part again because it’s just great fun. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… Goody Goody Gift Swap is an international swap which happens around Christmas time. You are paired up with a swap mate, given a bit of information about each other and then...


For about 3 months now I’ve been saying I wanted to go to one of The Make Escape events and this week it finally happened! Lucy, Ellie and I were looking forward to getting our craft on. We walked in to find several tables with different activities set up: From embroidery and knitting, rosettes and flowers it was a village fete themed craft night. Ellie picked embroidery whilst Lucy & I started off making rosettes...

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Maria Fisher’s ‘Traumgedanken’ project proves that books can be beautiful (well, I thought so anyway)… Mmmmm 🙂 Great little detail here – a lovely balance of black & white complimented by pastel coloured threads! Traumgedanken means ‘thoughts on dreams’ in German (if you’re wondering) and I think it’s beautiful!

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Yes I realise on December 1st I said ‘next week I can apply ink and print with it’… and I did, but everything got so hectic with the CD Design and Book Design deadlines I just forgot to blog the results… After using my collagraph to emboss I couldn’t wait for the varnish to dry so I could ink it up… and it was worth the wait – I love this printing technique! The first inking...

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